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Special Message Isaiah 9:6-7 Unto Us

December 17, 2014, by Keith Fortenberry
The coming of Jesus fulfills the story of God's promises to Israel, and we are invited to find our story in God's unfolding story.

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Special Message-Acts 27 Leadership is Influence

December 14, 2014, by Guest Speaker
Pastor Lance Ralston talks about Paul being a good example in being a great leader because of his character that influences the people around him....

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John 12-John 5:19-47 Opposed by Unbelief

December 7, 2014, by David Guzik
Pastor David continues our series in the Gospel of John. Our current series is titled "Opposed by the World" because of the opposition Jesus...

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Jeremiah 10-Jeremiah 13-14 Speaking Through Signs

December 3, 2014, by David Guzik
In these two chapeters we see Jeremiah's lament for the non-repentant people of Judah.

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John 11-John 5:10-18 Opposed By Religious Tradition

November 30, 2014, by David Guzik
After healing a man on the sabbath, Jesus confronts the Jews and reveals His new identity.

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John 10-John 5:1-9 Opposed by Hopelessness

November 23, 2014, by David Guzik
David Guzik walks us through Jesus' healing of the paralytic at Bethesda and a triumph over hopelessness.

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John 09-John 4:43-54 Revealed as Worth Believing

November 16, 2014, by Nate Wagner
Pastor Nates shows us how Jesus skillfully draws faith from a Nobleman and the the three components to faith in Jesus Christ

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John 08-John 4:27-42 Revealed as the Savior of the World

November 9, 2014, by David Guzik
In this passage we see Jesus reveal himself to the woman at the well that He is indeed the Christ and the Savior of the...

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John 07-John 4:1-26 Revealed as Living Water

November 2, 2014, by David Guzik
Jesus is revealed to the woman at the well as the Living Water as He is to everyone who desires to drink of it.

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John 06-John 3:22-36 Revealed as Greater

October 26, 2014, by David Guzik
In this passage we see how John the Baptist sets the model for us as believers in that we must decrease as Christ increases.

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John 05-John 3:1-21 Revealed in Secret

October 19, 2014, by David Guzik
In one of the most popular passages in the Bible, Jesus confronts Nicodemus on what it means to be "Born again"

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John 04-John 2:13-25 Revealed in the Temple

October 12, 2014, by David Guzik
Pastor David Guzik opens John 2:13-25 to show us the two-pronged work by Jesus of conversion and cleansing in His miracles, focusing on cleansing the...

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John 03-John 2:1-12 Revealed at Cana

October 5, 2014, by David Guzik
David Guzik gives us more than just one reason to have Jesus be part of weddings, celebrations and in our lives generally.

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Special Message-Isaiah 6:1-7 Entering the Presence of The Lord

September 28, 2014, by Guest Speaker
Pastor Chuck Musselwhite walks us through entering God's presence, understanding that God is on the throne, desiring our worship even in our state of unworthiness,...

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John 02-John 1:19-51 Revealed to John the Baptist

September 21, 2014, by David Guzik
Pastor David Guzik talks about the testimony of John the Baptist as well as 3 different witnesses testifying to the identity of Jesus.

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John 01-John 1:1-18 God the Son Revealed to Man

September 14, 2014, by David Guzik
David Guzik starts a new series "God the Son - Revealed to You" through the Gospel of John. From the beginning, John shows us...

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Jeremiah 09 - Jeremiah 11-12 Conspiracies and Competing with Horses

September 10, 2014, by David Guzik
This Wednesday night pastor David Guzik speaks to us from Jeremiah 11-12 which speaks about conspiracies, bigger challenges to come, and restoration.

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Life of Elijah 15-2 Kings 2:11-18 Passing the Torch

September 7, 2014, by David Guzik
This Sunday, Pastor David will complete our Life of Elijah series in 2 Kings 2:11-18 with "Passing the Torch." In this great text, we see...

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Jeremiah 08-Jeremiah 9-10 What to Take Glory In

September 3, 2014, by David Guzik
Pastor David Guzik speaks on the glory of knowing God even during the impending judgement on Judah

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Life of Elijah 14-2 Kings 2:1-11 The Ascension of Elijah

August 31, 2014, by David Guzik
Elijah's ascension is a preview of what will happen to the true followers of Jesus when Jesus comes for his people.

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