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John 22-John 8:31-59 Opposed by the Devil

March 22, 2015, by David Guzik
Pastor David continues our series in the Gospel of John. Jesus identifies the religious leaders' true father and makes the great declaration, "I AM." Sin...

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Juan 22-Juan 8:31-59 Opuesto Por El Diablo

March 22, 2015, by David Guzik
El pastor David continua nuestra serie del Evangelio de Juan. Jesus identifica el padre de los lideres religiosos y hace su gran declaracion, "YO SOY."...

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John 21-John 8:12-30 - Opposed by Darkness

March 15, 2015, by David Guzik
David Guzik leads us through the passage where Jesus proclaims Himself the light of the world, based on the fullness of His perfect self that...

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Juan 21-Juan 8:12-30 - Opuesto por Las Tiniebles

March 15, 2015, by David Guzik
El pastor David Guzik nos guia por el pasage cuando Jesus proclama ser la luz del mundo, basado en la plentitud de Si mismo y...

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John 20-John 7:53 - 8:11 Opposed by Accusers

March 8, 2015, by David Guzik
Jesus confronts the scribes and Pharisees that would test Jesus on a question of how to judge a woman caught in adultery. Jesus's response...

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Juan 20-Juan 7:53-8:11 - Opuesto por Acusadores

March 8, 2015, by David Guzik
Jesus confronta a los Escribas y Fariseos que probaban a Jesus de una pregunta que tenian de una adúltera. La respuesta de Jesús revela la...

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Special-2 Timothy 3:10-17 The Authority and Sufficiency of the Bible

March 1, 2015, by Guest Speaker
Pastor Allistair Begg provides a deep look at the authority and sufficiency of the Bible, and its imperativeness to our daily lives.

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Especial-Judas 11:1 Cain, Balaam, Core

March 1, 2015, by David Guzik
El pastor David Guzik examina el pasage en Judas donde Judas le advierte a la iglesia con tres ejemplos de personas que han pecado contra...

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John 19-John 7:37-52 Opposed by the Religious Rulers

February 22, 2015, by David Guzik
During the Feast of Tabernacles Jesus talks about the real living water and how to receive it - for everyone who thirsts and recognizes their...

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Juan 19-Juan 7:37-52 Opuesto por los lideres religiosos

February 22, 2015, by David Guzik
Durante la Fiesta de Tabernáculos Jesús habla acerca de la agua viva y como recibirla- para todos que son sedientos y reconocen su necesidad por...

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John 18 -John 7:14-36 Opposed at the Temple

February 15, 2015, by David Guzik
David Guzik leades us through the passage where Jesus speaks boldly at the Temple about his righteousness and authority, and that this is not His...

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John 17-John 7:1-13 Opposed by His Family

February 8, 2015, by David Guzik
Pastor Guzik explores the life of Jesus being opposed by his earthly family as he is opposed by the Jewish religious leaders.

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Special Message-Lamentations 3:1-33 Compassions Are New Every Morning

February 4, 2015, by Drew Kawiecki
Drew walks us through Lamentations 3:1-33 and shows Jeremiah's anguish and hope.

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Special Message - Luke 5:15-16 - The Jesus Habit

February 1, 2015, by Nate Wagner
Pastor Nate Wagner provides us an inside look at what Jesus made a habit of doing often and why.

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Special Message-Genesis 16 When Faith Fumbles

January 28, 2015, by Keith Fortenberry
Keith Fortenberry walks us through Genesis 16, showing us the importance of waiting on the Lord.

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John 16-John 6:47-71 Opposed by Word Twisters

January 25, 2015, by David Guzik
David Guzik takes us through Jesus' message in the synagogue at Capernaum speaking of his body and blood as the necessary food for life.

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Jeremiah 12-Jeremiah 17-18 Bearing the Burden of a Prophet Part 2

January 21, 2015, by David Guzik
David Guzik continues our series through the book of Jeremiah. In this study, the sharp divide between trusting in the Lord versus trusting the...

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John 15-John 6:14-21 Opposed by Sign-Seekers

January 18, 2015, by David Guzik
Jesus says that He is the Bread of Life. Therefore we ought to seek Jesus more than just our material needs.

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Special Message-2 Kings 23 King Josiah's Heart

January 14, 2015, by Scott Dupar
Pastor Scott Dupar teaches on 2 Kings 23 on how the word of God that impacted Josiah's heart also reach the people of Judah. What...

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John 14-John 6:14-21 Opposed by the Storm

January 11, 2015, by David Guzik
David Guzik discusses Jesus' miracle of walking on the water and the disciples' reaction to it

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